singularity industries

"To learn and do good."


Mission Statement
“To learn and do good”

Welcome to Singularity Industries, a blog that explores media, technological and cultural happenings in Singapore and the world. This blog claims to not have all the right answers, but is always open to conversation as we make sense of the things around us.

This blog believes that we (humans) are constantly learning, and through responsible application of that knowledge are we able to make life better for our fellow human beings.

About the author
My name is Brian Koh and I work in Ogilvy 360° Digital Influence & Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore as a social media specialist & public relations executive.

I really think it’s a fancy name for being a communicator of things. But it’s more difficult than it looks. Communications is the science and art of listening and conveying meaning.

I gain tremendous joy from experiencing and making music, reading about design, culture and technology and quite often, incorporating gadgets and new technologies into my life.

I exist online through the alias: litford


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2 Responses

  1. linnette (...freezing her ass off in tokyo~) says:

    heyz brian!!! chanced upon a link to ur blog while eating snake and scanning thru hardwarezone forums.. talk abt coincidence~

  2. Vanessa Tan says:

    Belated congratulations on setting up this new blog! And thanks for the blogroll link. I’m honoured 🙂 All the best and let’s meet up before I move to France.

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